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Taking the Outback to Carriageworks

On Thursday 7th November, Outback Arts Executive Director Jamie-Lea Trindall and artists Sooty Welsh of Coonamble and Frank Wright of …Read More

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Coonamble CWA Evening Branch ‘Grit & Grace’ Dinner

An initiative of the Coonamble NSW evening branch of the Country Women’s Association in partnership with the Outback Arts Art4Ag …Read More

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Creative Face > Brian Campbell

Hello, what is your name and tell us a bit about yourself? Brian Campbell from Coonamble. My family has lived …Read More

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Artstate Tamworth

We are back from Artstate Tamworth, and what a great experience it was! The four day event ran from 31 …Read More

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NEW // Living Arts and Culture website

We are so excited to announce our newly designed Living Arts and Culture website is now live! This website is …Read More

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2019 Outback Archies Winners

2019 is the ninth year of the Annual Outback Archies art prize with celebrates the colour, creativity and spirit of …Read More