Weaving for Wellness workshop tour 2019

Outback Arts have received funding to kick off a regional ‘Weaving for Wellness’ tour to encourage people to come together and survive the drought.

Outback Arts have partnered with Waltraud Reiner, world renowned Milliner and advocate for mental health, who you may know as the ‘hat lady’. Her work employs a philosophy of positive mental health through creativity. Waltraud and Outback Arts will visit eight communities this year facilitating social cohesion while teaching weaving and wellbeing practices and supporting positive mental health.

Weaving is widely used across the globe as a tool for mindfulness and positive psychology. This program will increase awareness of these concepts, teaching participants to use their inherent character strengths, believe in their abilities as well as social and emotional competence. There will also be public forums that will help people re-frame negative thoughts, discuss adversity and understand how creative experiences can be used to improve self-care.

Weaving for Wellness will foster a space for positive relationships, community connections and resilience and a chance to get away from the daily stresses of the drought.

This Tackling Tough Times Together grant was distributed by FRRR and funded through the collaboration of more than 15 donors from government, philanthropy, business and individuals, including the Australian Government which committed $15 M to be distributed over three years.