The Land that Binds Us

‘The Land That Binds Us, is a joint effort from local makers Melissa Murray, Sally Underwood Nalder and Ange Bunner.

The exhibition, which opened on Tuesday 6th October, explores their perceptions of life and nature using mixed media. From an earthy palette to all the colours of the rainbow, and from calm to wild, these three unique and very different styles have created an intriguing body of work. Theyve created rich textures and layers using gold leaf, oils, acrylic and a bit of local dirt.

Sally: Pods, leaves, bark and blossoms; such beauty in the simplest of objects. Worlds within worlds, building connection to the land. Celebrating the extraordinary within the ordinary, through association and belonging. My process involves collecting and recording moments that hold personal stories. Listening for those stories through connection to simple objects, everyday objects. More often than not, overlooked objects.

Melissa: Everything in my life is a rush. I rush here, I rush there, my grandfather was nicknamed Wizza, I think it is inherited.

So this would come out in my paintings. I whiz into a piece of work with many thoughts that travel across my mind. I dont spend a lot of time on the painting process, but I do spend a lot of time in the thought process. Its hard to pinpoint one thing that stands out with my work, so I will say it has to be the wizza effect.

Ange: Why am I painting these animals full of life, vibrancy and colour? Perhaps I have lost my mojo. Living in a land where work has become our sacrifice to the larger than life material God, I have found something that brings me back to earth. Whether its comical in the pigs in the shed eating the rabbits food, their ears pricking up as they get caught and race off together gleefully proud of their escapades, or maybe the calm meditation of milking Nancy. The beauty in looking into joeys big brown eyes and long lashes or the spirit of the horses as they herd each other and the sound of their thunderous hooves in the night.

Opening night: Friday, 9th October at 6pm

Exhibition showing: Tuesday 6th – Friday 23rd October