Taking the Outback to Carriageworks

On Thursday 7th November, Outback Arts Executive Director Jamie-Lea Trindall and artists Sooty Welsh of Coonamble and Frank Wright of Walgett travelled to Sydney to participate in the SOUTHEAST Aboriginal Arts Market at Carriageworks from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th November. Artwork by Minnie Riley of Warren and photography by George Williams of Walgett was also taken along.

The opportunity came about after Jamie-Lea was invited by the event curators Hetti Perkins and Jonathan Jones to participate as an artist in her own right. She was then successful in securing a stall for Outback Arts where other artists could participate by invitation of the curators.
Carriageworks is the largest multi-arts centre in Australia. They commission Australian and International artists to make monumental new work that intersects with contemporary ideas. Reflecting the diverse communities of urban Sydney, their artist-led program is ambitious, radical and always inclusive.

The SOUTHEAST Aboriginal Arts Market brings together artists and collectives from regional and coastal New South Wales, ACT, southern Victoria, the Murray basin catchment and Tasmania to showcase the cultural heritage of South-East Aboriginal Australia.
The markets high profile has been known to spear-head artists careers to new heights. Some of the fellow market stall holders included the incredible Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Gaawaa Miyay and Gammin Threads! As well as Penny Evans, who delivered the ceramic workshop at Coonamble in June of this year.

It is an exceptional opportunity for regional artists to connect with other artists and network with curators and collectors. Frank enjoyed creating small artworks in front of the crowd, much like he can be found doing at Café 64 in Walgett. Some of the early results were the sale of approximately 80% of all artworks, which included ceramics, photography and paintings.
The team have had follow up meetings negotiating with Sydney galleries holding Sooty’s work on consignment. Everyone is very excited about where this successful experience may lead.