Women Outfront

In 2018, Outback Arts partnered with Signal Creative and commenced a three year project with the young women in Warren and Walgett as part of Outback Arts’ Aboriginal Arts Program.

Women Outfront is about empowering women and the communities to create original music, performance and dance inspired by the surrounding areas of each town. Participants will develop creative skills and experience in terms of artist identity, performance, musical style, direction, music production and promotion. Signal will also provide ongoing mentoring support for the girls.

Over the year…

Warren: Drylands, Wetlands

The girls have participated in workshops developing experience and skills in performance, costume design, musical style, direction, music production and promotion. These have included trips to the local wetlands to take pictures and make sound recordings.

Walgett: River Stories

There have been trips on country with the Sista Speak teachers where the group have identified to have a performance around the concept of Walgett – Where 2 rivers meet. Various workshops were developed around developing skills in music creation, dance and craft to pull ideas for the show.


Both groups have worked towards a performance to present to each school, community around themes they identified, with the scope to also tour these productions.

The young women of Warren Central School performed last week with an accompanying photographic exhibition at the WOW Centre. The original performance was themed on the Tiger Bay Wetlands and all choreography and costumes were created by the students.

This week the girls from Walgett will host their River Stories performance, with their costumes and photographs being exhibited for a time in Walgett Library. The performance will be held Friday 15th March from 11:30 at Walgett Community College Primary School.

“We look forward to presenting our work to community members and taking the performances on the road!”

The project is funded through the Commonwealth Bank Grassroots Grant program.