Walgett millinery workshop 2015

Hats Off to Outback Women 2015

The regions communities have expressed a great desire to have these Millinery Workshops tour the region for a second time after a successful string of workshops in 2014. So The Hats Off to Outback Women TourĀ is back!

The project engages rural women in the skills of hat-making, bringing our communities an exciting new artistic opportunity. Supported by Catholic Healthcare through the Federal Government Drought Assistance Program, the project aims to raise awareness about mental health through positive and creative engagement.

From 14 April 2015, Internationally renowned milliner and advocate for mental health, Waltraud Reiner, will return to the Outback Arts region. Here she will run two day workshops in 10 different towns, doubling the amount of workshops provided last year.

At each town, Waltraud will deliver an evening talk open to all community members to reflect on her personal struggle and story and talk about overcoming adversity through her creative skills.

Accordingto Waltraud, hats are more than just a shelter for the head they are a powerful means of self expression.

The ten communities that will be visited and dates this year are as follows.

bourke 5
Bourke Workshop 2014

Nymagee: 14th-15th April, Nymagee Commnity Hall

Cobar: 16th-17th April, Cobar Bowling and Golf Club

Louth: 20th-21st April, The Louth Tennis Club

Enngonia: 22nd-23rd April, Enngonia CWA Hall

Walgett: 26th-27th April, The Showground Pavillion

Rowena: 28th-29th April, The Rowena Hall

Coonamble: 30th April-1st May, Outback Arts Gallery

Warren: 3rd-4th May, The Anglican Hall

Carinda: 5th-6th May, The Carinda Hall

Coonabarabran: 8th-9th May, The Purlewaugh Hall


We have had an overwhelming number of participants book in for the workshops this year so please get in touch as soon as possible if you would like to attend any of the above dates at admin@outbackarts.com.au or phone 02 6822 2484.