The Gatineau Jackson Collection

Two private art dealers donated works to Outback Arts Gallery in Coonamble

Outback Arts has been very fortunate to have been approached by two Private Art Collectors, Yvon Gatineau and Peter Jackson in 2005 with their intention to donate some original artworks to Outback Arts.

Their idea, being for the Far West region to gain access to predominately Modern Art pieces that they have painstakingly collected over the years and which are normally, easily accessible to
our city cousins.

Due to our remoteness and lack of cultural infrastructure in the Far West region they wanted the communities to view and enjoy the pieces that they have gained so much pleasure from.
In mid September 2007, Outback Arts received 5 more magnificent pieces of artwork to add to their collection. Some of these pieces have now begun their journey throughout the Outback Arts region
with their first unveiling at the Lightning Ridge Art Show 2007. In total Outback Arts has 9 pieces, with varying mediums from painting through to sculpture and photography and in size, very large
to the very small. In the future Outback Arts will continue to receive many more varied and enriching pieces from their generous donors. Outback Arts acknowledges the generous gesture that these two
collectors have offered to them and the positive benefits this gesture will bring to the Outback Arts community, bringing joy and enrichment to the lives of Outback Arts community members for
many years to come. Once again we extend our many thanks to our generous donors, Yvon Gatineau and Peter Jackson.

(Note: Outback Arts gained Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR) in October 2006. This
means that donors can make gifts to Outback Arts which can be tax deductible)