Feature artist Darryl Ferguson talks about his art

Darryl Ferguson: woodwork

As a Gamilaroi man based in Lightning Ridge, Darryl Ferguson has developed a love for the natural timber of the Walgett Shire area. Darryl began his passion for woodwork creating furniture, artefacts and didgeridoo’s out of local wood. He believes that this enabled him to develop his own unique style “using a natural canvas of my countries beautiful timber”. In the style of realism, Darryl creates intricate carvings that can be understood by all people who feel connected to country. He has chosen to carve in a realistic style because he believes that if his audience can easily identify an image in his work then he is able to transcend cultural barriers. “I want to get my story out about my people, my country and my culture so that everyone can see it”.

Darryl is also trying to dispel certain misconceptions about Aboriginal art in NSW through his work. “We don’t do dots here in this area. People assume that that’s what we do. We do more of carvings and burns. That’s what I’m trying to educate people about”. Darryl also incorporates modern elements into what he does to challenge the understanding of what Aboriginal art looks like –  “It’s about getting out of that box that people get put in to”.