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This time, our Creative Face has become a Creative Space…

So after walking into one hundred co to grab a pressie and walking out with my ears pierced, I knew these gals at 100 Castlereagh Highway had it going on.

Lucy Watson, Shanae Murray and Rheanna Rae are the scarily dynamic tripod behind the Coonamble-based, ever-evolving one hundred co institution. Apart from ear piercing and the eclectic mix of household pretties good enough to eat! They also offer spray tans, nails, waxing and just recently a homemade nibble and caffeine hit! one hundred co is the place to be.

The homewares side of things, Mink + Me, is owned by Lucy Watson. Originally from Sydney, she’s ended up in Coonamble after a local farmer stole her heart. She’s an expert in making stuff look pretty, keeping indoor plants alive, and getting things done. I caught up with her recently as I sipped a soy cap on their green velvet lounge.

So basically you’ve mashed four businesses together into this newly renovated building…tell us about that!

Renovating and transforming one of Coonamble’s ‘least attractive’ but prime real estate buildings was a challenge!! Illumia Beauty, So Spoilt, Mink + Me and one hundred coffee co have all come together. We are so happy with the result and feel we have so much to offer. I think it will continue to evolve.

How has the public reacted to this new space?

The support has been amazing! Business is booming and we are finding that even people from outside the shire are travelling to visit and making a day out of it. That’s so good to hear, I think we’ve filled a real gap in the market.

What do you think your point of difference is?

We are a one-stop shop! All your maintenance sorted with a side of coffee and gifts while you wait! Many of the gifts are handmade locally too, can supporting all our local artists and creatives! The fact there is so much happening in one space draws a different crowd and somewhere for people to just be.

You guys have a pretty big online following – any tips?

Cool content is key. I try not to flood my feed with boring content and throw in a few personal shots. People love pretty pictures so put some thought into it.

In recent years, groovy boutique style coffee shops have been popping up in country towns across Australia, with many of them owned and run by young women. Why do you think this trend is taking off?

I believe people like the personal connection when ordering their coffee, especially when you get their order down pat. We are passionate about producing good coffee and just because we’re in Coonamble doesn’t mean we should miss out!

The beauty queens have just stepped it up with the purchase of a micro-dermabrasion machine?

Yes! Very fancy? It deeply exfoliates and polishes the skin so have a go when you next book in a facial!

What else is in the pipeline for one hundred co?

We would love to expand our outdoor area, and we have two ex-local hairdressers joining the team in late November.

What would your theme song be if you had to choose one for all the things you guys offer?

Bringing Sexy Back by JT.