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We are excited to get around Ellie Russell of Darling Design Co, and founder of Far West Living magazine. Read on for the low down on this Cobar creative.

Hello, what is your name and how old are you?

My name is Ellie Russell and I am 28 years old.

So we’ve heard that your new business The Darling Design Co looks after creative entrepreneurs…tell us about that!

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Cobar NSW and I love to work with creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and start ups to help them establish professional brands that promote their businesses. Through my design work with these businesses and after consultation with them, I focus on developing logos and branding elements that really reflect what the business does and what it represents – whether that be the services they provide or the types of clients they hope to work with. My main aim besides creating awesome-looking brands is to help educate businesses on the importance of a consistent brand and how by creating a brand that is aligned with the businesses’ goals and vision can really increase their success in attracting their target market.

How did you end up in Cobar? And what do you like about outback living?

I was born in Cobar and the majority of my family still resides here so after moving away for Boarding School and University it made sense for me to come home and be with the people I care about. I have always loved this region especially the agricultural side to the outback. My parent’s run our family cattle and sheep station at Tilpa and my sisters and I spent a lot of time as kids out there with my family and continue to help out when we can today. I love how diverse this region is and how beautiful it can be. I believe there are actually a lot of great things to see and do in Outback NSW that a lot of people don’t know about. I love visiting the Darling River and seeing the different amazing small businesses pop up across the district, I love the small-town race meets and all of the amazing camping spots around the area.

You are also the founder of lifestyle blog and magazine publication Far West Living and have just sent the first ever edition off to the printer…congrats! What kind of goodies can we expect to find inside?

I am really excited to be sharing Far West Living Magazine with the people of Far Western NSW and beyond! FWL is a lifestyle magazine celebrating the people and places of the Far West covering lifestyle topics such as farming families, small businesses, artists, photography, tourism, outback renovations, food, shopping and more. The main idea of FWL is to highlight how beautiful this region is and to try to encourage locals and travellers to consider visiting different areas around the region and to give this part of Australia the promotion it so deserves.

As well as graphic design services, what else do you offer regional creative entrepreneurs?

I love to work with social media! I currently work with clients in other areas of Australia to design their newsletter mail-outs to their client list and to design adverts and promotions on their social media channels. Business is all about consistency so I like to encourage small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to not just think about their logo as their main point of “branding” and promotion, they also need to consider every aspect of their business as means to advertise their services consistently. Lots of businesses don’t really know how to capitalise on their social media platforms or simply don’t use them effectively enough so this is something I can help with. I also offer digital design services such as ebook design and basic WordPress website set up for businesses who need an affordable way to get their business online quickly.

What are some top tips you throw at any rural or regional based creative that has a great idea they want to get off the ground?

Firstly I would say go for it! I think a lot of the time many creative people have amazing ideas but they’re too afraid to execute them. Getting a project off the ground can be scary but having a solid belief in the project and your abilities to make it happen is key. I also believe you should thoroughly research what it is you plan to do. For example, I opted for a ‘soft launch’ approach with Far West Living Magazine by starting out with a blog and gaining a bit of interest from people in the area before jumping into the creation of the physical magazine product. This is something other businesses can consider if they plan to launch a bigger product down the track. I am also a huge believer in enlisting the help of a business coach. I worked with a wonderful coach from Victoria in the second year of my business and she helped me really get clear on how to focus on targeting the right audience for my services and how to map out a bit of a plan for my business. The time spent with her was invaluable.

How would you describe your style?

I love clean, modern design. I have always been a bit of a fan of minimalism in design and I love the use of white space! My work also exudes a bit of a feminine colour theme teamed with black and white, which is probably most evident in my social media feeds.

Why do you think it’s important to provide creative outlets and opportunities for people, especially in regional areas?

I really believe that just because we live regionally it doesn’t mean we can’t experience amazing things or have access to professional services just like our neighbours in the cities. There are so many incredible people doing awesome things out here! I want people to know they can have an incredibly successful or interesting career even if they are located in the outback because their location doesn’t have to hinder their chances at success. We need to encourage young people (or older professionals) to consider locating to our amazing regions so we can continue to grow and offer our locals services which will make them want to stay in the area too. I love that I am able to provide professional design services to the people of outback Australia because I can relate to their experiences, so I think it is super important to promote the services on offer in regional areas because without supporting these people and businesses we will lose them.

What have you got coming up?

At the moment I am gearing up to start mailing out all of the pre-order sales of Far West Living Magazine as well as mapping out the next issue and continue promoting issue 1! I also have a number of freelance clients I am currently working with to brand their new businesses, which is really exciting!

Where can we see more of your stuff?

For my freelance design work you can follow my creative studio The Darling Design Co online: @darlingdesignco

For everything related to Far West Living Magazine head to:

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