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Hello, what is your name and how old are you?

I am Rebecca McIntyre and I came to Coonamble when I was 22 years old and I have been here for 23 years.

You have a jewellery business including bright and chunky resin bangles and polymer earrings and necklaces…tell us about your creative practice!

I just really love creating…whether it be a quilt that I love the colours and fabrics, jewellery in a variety of mediums, painting, sculpting and fibre art pieces. I generally like bright colours for most things, however, I do try and experiment with a variety of colourways as bright pieces are not always everyone’s ‘cup of tea’.

How would you describe your style?

Bright, colourful, cheerful but also tasteful that hopefully suits a variety of tastes.

What do you wish you knew about being a business owner before you got started?

I wished I have actually chosen a catchy cool name for my business rather than ‘Rebecca McIntyre’ as I think that this has limitations. I feel it’s too late to change.

You’re involved in our 5th birthday celebrations coming up this month…what can the kiddies expect in your workshop?

I am really excited about running a Waste 2 Art workshop on Thursday 20th April. The kids will hopefully take away an item to enter into the ‘Waste 2 Art’ competition. I have sourced some materials and have a few ideas up my sleeve, however, I can’t wait to see what the materials the kids bring to the workshop and what artworks they can make from their materials.

Your daughter Pollyanna has taken out first place in the Waste 2 Art competition a few times now…why do you think art is an important part of a child’s education?

I think art is a really important aspect of a child’s development. There is always a process that can be shown and followed, however, the experimentation and creating art works is such an individual interpretation and there is no right or wrong. I think that kids need to be able to develop and use their imagination as this will help them in so many other aspects of their learning.

I don’t think my children are necessarily skilled artists, however, they have been exposed to and experimented with a variety of mediums to create works of art over the years. I also try to expose them to a variety of cultural experiences, both locally and away, hopefully they are able to appreciate a variety of styles of artworks.

What other artistic developments would you like to see occur in our region? 

I really loved the ‘Crafternoons’ held at Outback Arts last year. I thought this was such a great idea. I ran a polymer clay workshop but also attended the crocheting workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed as I have never been able to work out how to do it…I think those one off events are engaging to a variety of people with varying skills.

What have you got coming up?

I have been experimenting with slow setting resin. I usually use the fast setting resin which has a yellowish tinge. The slow setting resin has a clear finish and the ability to swirl is really cool and the finished is very effective….watch this space….

Term 2 (May/June) is always busy in Coonamble with the ‘Waste 2 Art’ Competition, ‘Coonamble Show’ and the annual ‘Quilt Show’ over the long weekend…..I always try to support local events and enter a few pieces into each.

Where can we see more of your stuff?

I have pieces at ‘Mink and Me’, ‘So Spoilt’ and ‘Cottage Industries’ in Coonamble…I also have a Facebook page and Instagram account that features some bits and pieces. Ideally I would like to do more as I love creating…..however it’s all about making time to do something you enjoy.

Lastly, Beatles or the Stones?

Definitely the Stones…..