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Hello, what is your name and tell us a bit about yourself?

Brian Campbell from Coonamble. My family has lived here for five generations, and I have lived in Coonamble most of my life doing a few stints at working away. The longest was working with the mini TV series “Five Mile Creek” with Gus Merecurio, Michael Caton and Nicole Kidman.

Riding in rodeos was a big part of my life leading to a long association with the Coonamble Rodeo Committee whilst building our steel business up, which I sold in 2010. Since then I have been working my way to the point where I am now concentrating on my art.

You have sculpted the incredible team of bullocks for Pave The Way to Gular Arts Festival…tell us about that! 

I was approached by Alison Dent who is the concept designer of the installation to sculpt the bullocks, even though I knew absolutely nothing about sculpting with wire netting. With a bit of coaxing from Alison and my wife Susan, I crossed my fingers and gave it a go. It certainly has been a long and learning experience in which I feel I have done it justice.  Once the bullocks, wagon and bullocky are installed, it will create a lot in interest for Gular.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is rough and ready which is not really developed as yet.  I have done very little in the way of art works, but once I learn more and have more to show I hope for my style along with mediums I work with varies because I don’t really thing I want to be locked into one style.

What inspires your creations and what process do you use when coming up with new installations and pieces? 

I love the outback people and way of life that goes with it; kids, animals etc.  At the moment the process I use to come up with the art piece varies from what I have been asked to do, what I have to do and what I would like to do.

 What else have you been up to? 

Outside of art I have got plenty of interests (distractions) I have never got time to be bored but the bullocks have taken most of my spare time over the last six months or so.

What have you got coming up? 

Hopefully learning more about the mediums that I would like to work in/with including pyrography on timber, paper and leather, sculpting with clay, wire netting, drawing etc which will hopefully will lead to an exhibition or whatever comes my way.

Where can we see more of your stuff? 

Watch this space and with some luck, a lot of learning and experimenting, ask this same question in the near future and I will have plenty to show.

Lastly, Beatles or the Stones?

Nah just give me country.