Baiame Ngunnhu

In 2018 Outback Arts recommenced working with Brewarrina Shire Council, starting the partnership with a cultural mapping workshop in Brewarrina to help identify the current cultural infrastructure and activities in the community and to establish the aspirations of the Brewarrina community from an arts and culture perspective.
Eight aspirations where identified, one of which was delivery of projects focused on the Brewarrina Fish Traps, identifying the desire for a project that specifically addressed the need for stories and practices to be documented and passed on using current technology methods for traditional story telling practices.

Outback Arts applied for the Regional Arts Fund and are delighted to announce that they have been successful in securing funding to develop this project that will record the stories, traditions and history of Baiame’s Ngunnhu (Brewarrina Fish Traps) using Augmented Reality.

Traditionally Aboriginal people passed knowledge through songlines and story-telling, this project aims to provide a contemporary version of this tradition using modern technology.

Our community have told us that they have a strong desire to hear, learn and know cultural stories and to learn the practices that make our culture the oldest and strongest living culture in the world, of particular interest is Baiame’s Ngunnhu. “Baiame’s Ngunnhu through augmented reality” will see experienced team of Lorrayne Riggs (Creative Consultant/Project Manager) and Tim Leha (Film maker) work with local Elders led by Donna Jeffries to gather and document the stories of Baiame’s Ngunnhu in a digital format.

Donna and the Elders are important cultural knowledge keepers of the area and are uniquely situated to reflect on the history, importance and stories that make this such a special, spiritual and culturally important area.

The series of short stories will be filmed and converted to augmented reality which will provide an interactive experience allowing visitors to the area to hear the stories and see them being told as if the Elders were presenting it themselves. There will be QR codes strategically placed around the area, so tourists, visitors and community members can scan them and listen to the stories and watch the films.

An exhibition will also be held in Brewarrina to launch the experience with the QR code embedded in posters which attendees can scan to join the experience.

Both Outback Arts & 2 Rivers recognise that there are a number of people in the community who are interested in the project and would like to be informed or involved, as such we would like to invite anyone interested to please register their interest via the below form. You can also register by contacting Outback Arts on or 02 6822 2484.

The project management team will again be visiting Brewarrina during March and would love the opportunity to talk to members of the community who are interested in this project.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this project further please contact the project manager Lorrayne Riggs from 2 Rivers on 0467 668 977 or the Outback Arts Office.