Standing Stories

Standing Stories is a public sculpture project in partnership with the Bourke Aboriginal community.  The process is to ‘pair up’ an artist with a story-teller, or ‘cultural elder’ allowing the elder to inform the artwork and the artist can create it.

So far two sculptures have been completed. Three more sculptures are currently planned through further community consultation and funding and design.

There has been extensive consultation with Bourke Shire Council and other key stakeholders over the project, timed well with the ongoing development of the main street, wharf precinct, and river frontage. There is also opportunity with council to progress the idea for securing grant funding to complete full installation and fabrication of all works and extending number of sculptures. In addition the council have taken on the task of engineering the mounting plinths and the necessary infrastructure for installation.

Andrew Hull has been engaged to work with us. Andrew is a Bourke based artist of Baakindji descent and is well respected locally and Nationally for his work in the arts in communities. Andrew brings a high degree of coordination to the project and will undertake both the story-gathering aspect, as well as the portraiture of the participants. Andrew’s photographic portraiture of the Yaama Festival and his series ‘Bourke in Black and White’ are excellent examples of his capacity and sympathy for the subject.