We’re moving! Come visit!

As you may have heard….
We were granted a bundle of cash to purchase and redevelop a building into a new creative space for the region!
SO we’re moving! Just down the road a little bit and to the left!!
We are now the proud owners of 26 Castlereagh St, the previous Rural Transaction Centre and the old hardware store.

Rough timeline as it stands:
Office closed: 23rd December to 15th January
January: Hot hiding under the aircon
February: Commence renovations to create two gallery spaces, studio and workshop areas, retail and meeting spaces as well as gallery lightning and equipment.
March: Big fat fun opening and launch party to kick off of the new exhibition and cultural program.

On that note, we are now calling for exhibition applications in the new space from our regional artists, and we also want to extend this to those outside our region. We invite all mediums and interested parties should contact Outback Arts on admin@outbackarts.com.au or 02 6822 2484.

SO all in all we are looking forward to the exciting new building changes and giving you all the juicy details in the new year!

The funding is from the NSW Government’s Infrastructure Grants supported by the Clubgrants program.