Now Showing // Habitat of Mind

Habitat of Mind reflects a desire to explore the source, process, and benefit of engaging with creativity. To discover the unique potential of the mind as a habitat and endless resource of creative expression allows one to interact and respond to the world creatively and authentically.

Ann Golledge is inspired by the landscape of Western New South Wales, the region where she grew up. Specifically, Quambone, Macquarie Marshes, Coonamble, Castlereagh and Barwon Rivers where the red gums, cypress and wilga trees stand stoic waiting for rain. Recently the allure of the opal fields in Lightning Ridge has drawn Ann to where she established herself as a professional artist in 2009, after a successful career as a High School Teacher.

Her painting style is contemplative, reflective and composed within a construct of freely formed imagery. Her use of lines is often either bold and playful or relaxed and peaceful. This creates a harmonious balance, accentuated with colourful textural elements.

Ann’s connection to the outback continues to inspire her development as an artist. Influenced by the ever-changing moods of the landscape which have been a source of sensory pleasure and inspiration for her developing artmaking practice.

She has exhibited her work professionally in Sydney and regional areas and will now be hosted at Outback Arts for the second time in her career.

On exhibition until 12th August 2019.