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6 July – 4 August

Anna Kaineder and Viki Murray. This stunning collaboration will take you on a ride across our vast and beautiful region exploring the unseen and the untold along the way.

Anna Kaineder of terraluca ceramics is based in Coonamble, and is a driving force behind the Coonamble Ceramics Collective. Her work will represent the communities, people and spirit that break up these landscapes in the form of ceramic houses with transposed images of faces and local landmarks on them. They explore the concept of the ordinary, and the uncelebrated.

Viki Murray is a photographer based in Lightning Ridge where she runs a gallery with her husband John Murray. She has captured a collection of images along the Castlereagh Highway recording the dramatic shifts in the landscapes as they endure the extreme cycles of drought and flood. Some images are considered and others have been randomly presented to her as she roadtrips around the region.

Along the Way is a beautiful celebration of rural life, a careful consideration of our surroundings and a chance for people to discover something new about the people and places we call home.

Opening night will be held at the OBA Gallery from 5:30pm on Thursday 6th July, with nibbles, refreshments and live music, all welcome!