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The Left Bank Gallery

Restricted // Kylie Harvey

This collection is a response to a personal challenge of using a restricted colour palette. From April to July this year, I took part in ‘The 100 Day Project’, an Instagram based art project, co-ordinated by American artist Elle Luna. My own theme for the project was 100 Tiny Imaginary Quilts (#100tinyimaginaryquilts).  Through this I wanted to explore the creation of designs which could be imaginative modern quilts using a restricted palette of colours. By rendering them as small paintings I was guaranteeing their status as ‘Art’, rather than producing them as originally intended, in cloth, and thus restricting their interpretation as ‘Craft’.  Here, I have reproduced some of the original works as larger paintings, and some as fibre pieces, hoping to question the perceived role of women in Art and how many have been, and still are, restricted to expressing their creativity through practical or domestic forms.


The Roads Gallery

Through Our Eyes // Various

A group photography exhibition by Coonamble district locals from NALAG’s photos and feelings workshop. Mission Australia and NALAG ran this workshop to support people’s expressions of emotion through the powerful medium of photography.