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Connecting Yarns // Waltraud Reiner and Outback Arts communities

2.7.18 – 30.7.18 // Opening 25.7.18

As part of the 2017 Hats Off tour, the seven remote communities visited contributed to a collective weaving, weaving in their personal effects and stories. Waltraud also knitted some hats as she travelled; reflecting on the people she had met, that have touched her and the feeling she gets from the vast outback landscapes. You the viewer might stand in front of it, or even try it on. It is up to you to breathe a new life into it and give your own meaning to the colour, shape and pattern, because we all wear our hats differently. It’s for you to make it your own.

Exhibition showing in the Outback Arts Gallery from 2 – 30 of July with an opening event and artist talk on Wednesday 25 of July.

We also now have a downloadable exhibition program: