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Living Arts and Culture is a photographic exhibition and publication recording the stories of Aboriginal knowledge holders and artists living across the Far Western NSW communities of Bourke, Brewarrina, Cobar, Coonamble, Lightning Ridge, Nyngan, Walgett, and Warren. This exciting project has been funded by Regional Arts New South Wales, Regional Arts Fund.

This project is a snapshot of contemporary Aboriginal Artists and their vibrant, busy lives in the towns and villages dotted across the vast landscape of outback New South Wales. The region’s Aboriginal history runs deep, the lifeblood of culture has existed here for tens of thousands of years, and today the artists and artworks in our communities are representative of a wide range of Nations and language groups.

The artists in this book have been captured by the very talented artist Andrew Hull, each story carefully curated through the artist’s individual interviews. The telling of these stories allows a unique insight into the life of contemporary Aboriginal artists of our time, recording how inextricably culture, art, and life are connected. We were honoured to have Andrew to work alongside on this project, his dedication, passion and high level of skill was integral to the success of the project and the reach across such a huge part of our Country.

Outback Arts are extremely grateful and proud of the artists who have participated in this project. They have shared their stories and so much of themselves and continue to be strong leaders in the cultural space of our communities. Living Arts and Culture does not capture all the practicing Aboriginal artists in Far Western NSW, rather it is a small insight into the extraordinary contribution these artists are currently making to the rich cultural landscape of our region. “We hope this publication not only provides a physical space to celebrate these artists but also ensures the continued support and success of our region’s Aboriginal artists,” says Outback Arts, Executive director, Jamie-Lea Trindall.

Opening night for the exhibition and the official launch of the publication is next Thursday 18th July 2019, from 5:30 pm. Come along! Join us for drinks, canapés and live entertainment by Castlereagh Connection. People will be coming to celebrate from across the region including those whose stories have been recorded, their friends and family, those that have been working hard on the project and the Outback Arts board.