Bre Creative

Last Tuesday 30 July, Outback Arts and 2 Rivers Pty Ltd came to Brewarrina to celebrate all things creative at the Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum. ‘Bre Creative’ was a fun day of art making workshops, live music, a sausage sizzle lunch, and a good yarn.

During the day participants were able to drop in and out, having a go at different arts activities in a leisurely pace or if they preferred, they could simply sit and chat while listening to the musicians; Richard Jeffries and Ducky Dennis. This friendly and relaxed environment encouraged conversations, skill sharing and creative development, especially for local Aboriginal artists.

Close to fifty people dropped in, from a variety of age groups and backgrounds. These included older ones, younger ones, established and emerging artists. Everyone was welcome and contributed something, whether they knew it or not. Outback Arts Board member Donna Jeffries came along to be part of the conversation as well.

Some activities on offer were jewellery making, weaving and printmaking. The workshops were delivered by Jamie-Lea Trindall (Outback Arts, Executive Director), Fleur Stubbs (Outback Arts, Aboriginal Projects Officer) and artist Mary Kennedy. ‘Bre Creative’ created a space where locals could connect with one another and get excited about art making, whatever their skill level.

The Outback Arts team were excited to deliver ‘Bre Creative’ and really enjoyed their time in Brewarrina. “We loved getting to know the locals and are excited about the ideas and conversations had on the day.” says Jamie-Lea. The Brewarrina community had a great day and created some beautiful pieces. Outback Arts and 2 Rivers Pty Ltd wanted to connect with the community and get to know what they would like to see happening in their area. Particularly in regard to future projects and strategies in establishing creative interests in a long-term sense.