Regional Arts Connect: Partnership with OTYP

Coming up in 2018, Outback Arts will be partnering with Outback Theatre for Young People (OTYP), who are an organisation based in Deniliquin that is dedicated to creating contemporary theatre with young people living in rural and remote areas.

Regional Arts Connect is a project aimed at building sustainable arts programs in rural and remote areas, namely to implement theatre into teaching. So OTYP will be working with the Bourke and Walgett School of Distance Education to focus on developing the skills of teachers, community members and parents/persons who assist students in their learning at their remote homes. External to the curriculum, we will find how the performance arts can be best practiced through video link up, and how it can be used when students gather together and meet up.

OTYP artist Alyson Evans, will work closely with community groups who have expressed interest in implementing an arts program, to help create a sustainable model whereby arts programming can continue beyond Regional Arts Connect’s completion at the end of 2018. This might look like training up staff, young people and community members to facilitate workshops, and me mentoring them whilst creating lesson plans and a ongoing program together. The project will conclude at the end of 2018 with a performance, and going forward the newly skilled Bourke and Walgett community members/teachers will have the tools, confidence and ability to continue to inject the arts into young peoples lives.

Regional Arts Connect is funded by Create NSW’s Regional Partnerships fund.