Waste 2 Art competition is a community art project to challenge people's perceptions of waste

Coonamble Waste2Art entries open!

Once again NetWaste, Coonamble Shire Council and Outback Arts are collaborating to bring us the Annual Waste 2 Art Competition and Exhibition. An annual event that attracts a wide range of artists, Waste 2 Art is open to all residents in our community and engages the imagination and showcases our community’s artistic and creative endeavours using items that traditionally are single use or throw-away items.

“Looking at a lump of rubbish and seeing the beauty and the possibility of what it could become is an amazing talent and one that the people of our community are well able to do,” said Librarian Raquel Pickering. “In the current climate of reduce, reuse and recycle, encouraging people to look beyond that single use item is a worthwhile undertaking. To use art and crafts to do this – to create something beautiful from what is essentially rubbish – will, we hope, challenge people’s perceptions of what rubbish truly is.”

The Exhibition will be held at the Outback Arts Creative Centre with the help of Jamie Lee Trindle and Eliza Walters who are themselves, passionate advocates of art and recycling. The Centre is a fantastic venue space to present and display the Exhibition to its aesthetically stunning glory.

As Outback Art’s Project Officer, Eliza has said; “During a time when finances are stretched and our enthusiasm and energy are at a low due to the prolonged drought, it’s great to have a creative outlet that is accessible to the wide and diverse range of people of our community. An event that requires little to no financial outlay – it’s literally reusing something you already have – rubbish! We feel that it’s at times like these that the creative side of a person can be pushed aside in favour of getting the more tangible and day to day business done so this event is an important opportunity to reset and relax our minds, solcialise and celebrate our ingenuity”.

The theme this year is Baling Twine and Strapping and while there is a prize for the theme category there are a number of other categories people can enter. The Competition is open to young and old, amateurs and professionals, groups and individuals. Each category carries a financial prize with the winners going onto the Regional Exhibition and Competition in Oberon. Past entries have run the gamut from incredibly elegant and moving to fantastically wild, utterly ridiculous and stunningly simple. Coonamble has had Highly Commended awards in the past from the Regional Exhibition, and hopefully we will bring back another prize this year!

Entries close on May 13 with that also being latest delivery of artworks to Outback Arts. The exhibition will be showing from 20 May to 21 June, with opening night and announcement of winners taking place on Thursday, 23 May at 6pm.

Entry is free and entry forms can be collected from Outback Arts or Coonamble Library and their websites.

Dates to remember:
Entries close > Monday, 13 May 2019.
Artwork delivery > Must be delivered to Outback Arts Gallery 13/5/19 – 15/5/19, between 9am-4pm.
Exhibition > 20/5/19 – 21/6/19 at Outback Arts Gallery
Opening night and announcement of winners > Thursday 23 May 2019, 6pm.


Download entry form here!

Entry form 2019